1. What are cookies?

Ac cookie is a small file sent along with website pages that your browser stores in your computer or other device hard drive. Stored information can be returned to the server or to third parties during a later visit.

Types of cookies:

  1. Technical o functional cookies. Some cookies ensure that certain website parts work correctly and that user preferences are remembered. Using functional cookies, we make the visit to our website easier. This way, you don’t need to introduce repeatedly the same information when you visit our web. We can use these cookies without your consent.
  2. Statistics Cookies. With these cookies information is obtained about the use of a website. Your permission will be requested to use these cookies.
  3. Marketing/Tracking cookies. Are cookies, or any other local storing way, used to create user profiles to show advertising or to track the user on a website or a series of them with similar marketing aims.
  4. Social media. Please, read these social media Privacy Policy to know what they do with personal data using these cookies. Data received are anonymous as much as possible.

2. Cookies used and consent

Our web uses exclusively technical cookies to control the accesses to the management panel.  Entering to it you are accepting these cookies installation.

3. Cookies activation, deactivation and erasing

You can use your Internet browser to erase cookies in an automatic way or manual. You also can specify that certain cookies cannot be displayed. Another option is to change your Internet browser settings to receive a message each time a cookie is displayed. To obtain more information about these options, consult the instructions in your browser «Help» section.
Remember that our website might not work properly if all cookies are deactivated. If you erase your browser cookies, they will be displayed after you give your consent when you visit a website again.