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ARTESANTANDER / Piero Gilardi – Federico Luger | Opere Scelte

Catasta, Piero Gilardi. 2013
Expanded polyurethane. 70 x 70 x 15 cm.


Emanuela Romano
Valentina Bonomonte


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Piero Gilardi – Federico Luger

Think of an imaginary journey that describes fantastic or unknown places and that elaborates on the themes of journey, exotic and remote places, not just as a destination but as a mean to start a reflection.

So the dialogue between Federico Luger (1979) and Piero Gilardi (1942) takes us back in time and space; Luger proposes a pictorial intervention on the two-hundred pages of a book on Spanish castles, an imaginary journey through the Spain, in architectonic spaces reinvented through painting, lights and shadows.

While through polyurethane sculptures Gilardi proposes a reflection on nature constantly threatened with extinction due to the man’s carelessness; a nature that he aims at preserving, so that one day nature can be seen and recognized by the man of the future.

The artworks become places of experience and they act as spaces to be crossed, territories able to create relationships.

Gilardi, that began his artistic career in the 1960s on the cultural climate of Post-Pop Art, becoming famous with his Nature-Carpets, participating in the creation of Arte Povera and Land Art, has always made of his works the archetypal relational field, connected to what is going on in the world.

At the same time, Luger, in 2011, created Spain Book, working conceptually on the engagement of a series of relationships between him and some famous characters, such as artists Gianni Pettena and André Cadere or the architect Paolo Minerbi.