The RUCANDIO Collection will award an Acquisition Prize in Artesantander

The Rucandio Collection joins a select group of Spanish private collections in its commitment to acquire works in Artesantander, which includes the Navacerrada Collection, the Kells Art Collection and Mouro Producciones.
The RUCANDIO COLLECTION was created in the 60s by Jesús Polanco and Isabel Moreno and is currently promoted by their children and grandchildren. With a set of around 600 works, it aims to reconstruct the most important moments of Spanish art from the second half of the 20th century to the present. The aim of the Collection is to establish an impartial account of this period of our most recent art history, with representative works of all those fundamental artists who have worked in this period of time.
Part of the Collection’s funds are displayed, through a permanent exhibition and temporary exhibitions, in the Torre de Don Borja, in Santillana del Mar (Cantabria), a cultural center promoted by the Polanco and Pérez Arauna families.
The jury for the Rucandio Collection Prize in Artesantander will be: Oliva Arauna, María Luisa Martín de Argila, Marta López Polanco and Marcos Díez.