ARTESANTANDER 2024 – New dates

From Friday, July 12 to Tuesday, July 16 at the Santander Exhibition and Conference Centre, we will open the doors of ARTESANTANDER 2024, a meeting platform that brings together all the people who are part of the art system: artists, gallery owners, curators, art collectors, cultural workers and audiences of all ages interested in approaching contemporary art.

We will celebrate the 32nd edition by once again calling on national and international art galleries to present the varied production of their artists. The biggest names in Spanish art will coexist at the fair with the most recent works by internationally recognized artists, growing artists and emerging artistic projects.

Mónica Álvarez Careaga, new fair director, says: “Our commitment is to make a fair of artistic quality, attractive and fun. We are going to work for those who always visit ARTESANTANDER, but also to expand the interest of new audiences in art and artists, to renew the programs and the fair as a whole, aware that management must be characterized by flexibility and adaptation to the context, accompanying the artistic scene and strengthening the art economy.”

Starting March 15, the call will be open to all galleries that want to participate in the fair.